RO-LCG 2014

Welcome to the RO-LCG 2014 Conference

     The RO-LCG Conference addresses current topics regarding the application of Grid, Cloud, and High-Performance Computing technologies in physics research and related areas. Its scope is to provide a forum for discussion and an opportunity of idea exchange between various participants, such as representatives of e-infrastructures, providers and beneficiaries of advanced computing services for high-energy physics, developers and users of software applications, computer scientists, researchers in computational physics and site administrators.

    The main topics of the conference include

  • E-infrastructures for large-scale collaborations
  • Recent developments within the WLCG collaboration and the RO-LCG federation
  • Technological developments in grid computing
  • Cloud solutions for scientific research
  • Development and optimisation of software applications in Grid/Cloud/HPC environments
  • Advances in high-performance scientific computing
  • Using Big Data technology for scientific applications
  • Monitoring, management and organization tools

    The Conference is organized by the Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH), and technically sponsored by the Romanian Section of the IEEE.
    The accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and will be indexed on IEEE Xplore.

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IEEE. RO-LCG 2014 Conference

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Abstract submission: 15.10.2014
Notification of abstract acceptance:
Paper submission: 12.12.2014
Registration: 30.10.2014